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reflections on learning

The Reflections on Learning range of interactive equipment takes its inspiration from the Reggio Approach to early childhood. Linda Thornton and Pat Brunton act as consultants to Reflections on Learning.
The reflective qualities of the mirrored pieces, together with the illuminated surfaces of the light boxes, create a learning environment which fosters creativity, curiosity and imagination in young children.

The Reflections on Learning range will enable you to create an environment which becomes a place of creativity, experimentation and discovery- an environment where children learn from, and alongside, one another.

Mirrors are an endless source of fascination. Using a variety of mirrors at different heights creates an environment which invites self discovery and promotes self awareness each time a child sees his or her own reflection. Strategically placed mirrors produce interesting reflections which engage children's attention and help them to view the world from different angles and perspectives. They lighten up dark areas and create the illusion of space.

The Kaleidoscope Mirror, which comes in two sizes, is a magical triangular prism with mirrored internal walls. The kaleidoscope effect creates small and large reflected images to give unusual views and perspectives. Children are drawn into it to talk, play, relax and to observe. Objects, toys and other playthings take on new properties and become multiplied to create a fascinating endless landscape. The proportions of the small Kaleidoscope Mirror make it particularly suitable for babies and toddlers.



Rectangular, and with mirrored surfaces, the Mirror Exploratory gives reflected images to infinity. Items placed within it are reflected from the rear mirror and multiplied many times in the side mirrors. It provides opportunities to explore similarities and differences, movement and the reflection of movement, symmetry and practical problem solving. Children will quickly create fantasy worlds such as a seascape, farmyard, wilderness, train network or jungle using just a few resources. Working either individually or in pairs they will become absorbed in play for long periods of time, refining their skills of spatial awareness and fostering communication.


The Infinity Boxes produce intriguing multiple reflections that stimulate comment, thought and discussion. They enable children to look closely at everyday objects from unusual and seemingly impossible angles. The Infinity Boxes will enhance any display area within the environment and provide an interactive focus for observers.


The Table-Top and floor Triptych Mirrors are made up of three hinged acrylic mirror panels which can be moved to create different angles and new perspectives. The Triptych Mirror is also an essential prop for role play and will enhance any performance or imaginative play area. The Table-Top Triptych Mirror can be used on any flat surface and will enable individual or small groups of children to investigate reflection, pattern, symmetry and numbers.



The Mirror Table invites investigation by children of all ages. Its design means that it is suitable for very young children as well as those in the Foundation Stage and primary key stages. The Mirror Table will enable children to explore themselves, small world play and construction from a new perspective. The mirror surface can be used to inspire creativity and to develop the children's aesthetic awareness of plants, natural materials and everyday objects.

The Hand Held Mirrors and Viewers are suitable for use by individual children from a very early age. They have large hand holes and are easily manipulated. The fresnel lens will magnify 3 times and give children the chance to look closely at detail.


Using the Light Boxes will enable you to create a learning environment which encourages investigation and exploration of natural and man-made materials and resources. The Portable Light Box has a carry handle and is designed to be easily stored and carried. The Light Boxes have tops which illuminate uniformly to promote the investigation of pattern, shape, form, colour, opacity and colour mixing. Their calming influence invites sensory investigation, provides motivation, engaging attention for sustained periods of time. The Light Station is a moveable workstation, storage unit and observation unit all in one- there is space to store an overhead projector.


Light Box resource packs are specifically chosen to enhance children's understanding of science in the Foundation Stage and at Key Stage 1, as well as Mathematical Development in the Foundation Stage, Key Stage1 and Key Stage 2.

Communication Boxes have been designed for use by children of all ages. From an early age they can use them to exchange tokens, gifts and messages with their friends. Through the use of Communication Boxes children are able to experience the pleasure and excitement of sending and receiving pictures, letters and small presents. The boxes provide each child with a special place for reinforcing relationships and developing communication skills.  The Communication Boxes can also be used as storage for the special resources which you will want to provide alongside the light boxes and mirrors.

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